I hate people that are like follow me betezz…. deadass its mad annoying i barley have any followers and i still dont give a shit….. its not even about getting followers the only reason i like to be on tumblr is cuase i like posting what i like, even though getting followers is importantand all i would still much rather have a dope blog than 100000 followers

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I hate hypebeasts sooo much its ridiculous. Yesterday at dxc some asian dude comes up to me wearing a fucking taylor gang varsity and then offer 120 for my dooms and calls me a highballing fuck. The number one thing is that who the fuck wears a taylor gang varsity? i mean that shit is soo old like its the same thing as wearing a moldy piece of shit on your chest. like i mean i wouldnt be so bad if it was cold out but it was like 80 degres out and he was wearing a pair of basketball shorts -____- The number one sign of a hypebeast is that he reps taylor gang-______- thumbs up buddy!

honestly i dont even care that he lowballed the shit outta me i just care about the jacket lol 

faveloso asked:
Yo bro you know what i noticed you know how like anti is kinda like a gang but not violent like its like a crew type of shit... i just noticed we have one like that... and we're mad deep lmao ~ popular ~

:3 <3 

ayo shawty got dat cake